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Professional Services

Tree Trimming

Tree pruning and maintenance are important for the health of your trees, the safety of people around and under them, and damage prevention of buildings or structures near by. Integrity Tree Service offers various types of pruning including: deadwood removal, safety pruning, structure/roof clearance, weight reduction, canopy raise, ball moss/mistletoe removal, driveway/roadway/walkway clearance, etc.. If you think your trees may need any of these forms of pruning contact us today for a free evaluation and estimate.


Tree Removal

Trees can become sick, overgrown, or are sometimes planted in a bad spot during new construction. Maybe you are preparing for a new construction project and need some trees cleared or a whole lot cleared. Whether it be a simple cut and drop or a dangerous rigging and roping job over a house, Integrity Tree Service has the expertise to get the job done. We are fully insured to put your mind at ease. Let our experienced team take care of the job before you bring out the chainsaw and try it yourself! Contact us today for an estimate.

Stump Grinding

So you've had a tree removed and now you want to plant a new one, but the old stump presents an issue. Let us grind that stump out of the ground to allow for planting another or simply to get rid of the eye sore. Contact us now for an estimate.

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